Welcome to the site! I’ve thought a lot about what my face to the world should look like. I’ve teetered  back and fourth trying to decide which aspect of my life to put forward. You know what I’m talking about, right? Find my niche, my voice, my uniqueness in this world.  I mean, you have to have a niche to make it in this world, don’t you? There are so many things I enjoy doing, and so much I would like to share, but I can’t pick just one. Can I be an effective writer, when sharing in so many genres? I’m going to try.

So I guess if you were to ask me what makes me unique I would tell you that my passion centers around  writing, and writing about many different things.  The topics aren’t related in any specific ways except that they are the building blocks of my mind. So here are some of my projects and some of what I like.

Science Fiction

When you talk about writing for fun, then science fiction does it for me, but fantasy is a close second. My favorite thing to do is to tell a story. If you like science fiction or fantasy, then check out Rabiki – Theia’s Shadow on my works in progress page.


You might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you’re a business with a mission to describe.


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