Welcome to the site! I’ve thought a lot about what my face to the world should be. I’ve teetered  back and fourth trying to decide which aspect of my life to put forward. Its not been easy to find my niche, my voice, my uniqueness in this world. The difficulty has not been in deciding what to share, but what not to share. There are so many things I enjoy, and so much I would like to share, but I can’t pick just one, so here it goes. Can a writer be effective while sharing in so many genres? I think I’ll give it a shot.

So I guess if you were to ask me what makes me unique I would tell you that my passion centers around  writing, and writing about many different things.  The topics aren’t related in any specific way except that they’re just rolling around in my head. Here are some of my projects and some of what I like.

Science Fiction

When you talk about writing for fun, then science fiction does it for me. My fascination with science fiction started when I was six—I’ll never forget the excitement I felt as I watched X-wings and TIE fighters scream across the screen, followed by the roar of engines and blaster bolts exploding against metal.

One of my favorite ways to write is through story-telling. Good science fiction will always be based on good stories.  The Star Wars saga is not about light sabers, star destroyers, aliens, or the Death Star.  It’s a story about one man’s fall and his son’s struggle to save him. 

Works in Progress: Thea’s Shadow (4,000 words as of 9/30/2018)

Breaking Strongholds

Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of people who have struggled mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, and many of the same things I’ve helped others with I’ve struggled with myself. I believe spiritual strongholds are those mental barriers that prevent us from reaching our potential. Depression, life gripping addictions, worry about what people are thinking, are all examples of strongholds that we can allow to control our lives. I’ve spent a lot of time working in this fields and would like to share with you my thoughts.

Works in progress: Breaking Strongholds (1,000 words as of 9/30/2018)

Biblical History and Prophecy

I’ve spent a lot of years reading and researching Biblical history, chronology and prophecy, and would love to share my studies with you.

Works in Progress: Seven Times (23,000 words as of 9/30/2018)

In this book I’ll take you through the entirety of Biblical history, speak to the future, and mix in the current events rocking the prophetic world today. The major players of this book are the Jew, Christian and Muslim and in each section I’ll try and tie all three faiths to the Biblical narrative. The first three sections focus on historical events, the fourth speaks to the present, the last three highlight the future. Sprinkled throughout each time period I’ll throw in an occasional fictional story that will bring the Biblical narrative to life.

Also Check out my Timeline of Everything. that I’ve spent three years compiling in research of Seven Times.

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Christianity, Politics, and the Great Divide

There are many things the Church has faced throughout history that have threatened its existence. The great persecutions of the past were harsh and caused many disciples to flee. Nobody likes to face hardships, but often times persecution has the opposite effect-people are scattered, and the Gospel spreads. When we are pressed from the outside, …

Why I Believe

I’ve always tried to take a balanced view of life.  I think every person, whether Christian, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, or someone of any other belief system needs these three things…. reason, emotion, and faith. Reason is important and without it we could not live.  We need it to get up in the morning, to drive …

World Building

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “World Building” you might get a mental image of huge machines covering the surface of a dead planet carving rivers, planting forests, and pumping oxygen into the atmosphere.  Truth is—that’s not far from reality. World building is the art of bringing to life an imagined world through descriptions, back-story, …