Author TA Lucas

TA Lucas is a pastor, writer, and senior software developer that has dedicated his life to helping others on their journey. As a writer he has had his work published in local newspapers, in company newsletters, shared among friends, and is working to soon publish a few novels. He likes to write in several genres: Biblical history, science fiction, leadership, and self-help.

        "You missed your calling dude. This is funny." said a co-worker about one of his short stories.

        "You missed your calling, you should have been a travel correspondent." said another co-worker about the same article.

Lucas is also a confident communicator and has twenty years experience public speaking at churches, youth camps, and other various classes. He's led computer learning classes for seniors and facilitated the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class several times. He's taught children, teens, and adults, and taylors his messages to his audience.

Lucas has also extended his writing into the field of Computer Science and Mathematics. AS a coder he's proficient in web programming, Java, SQL, and .NET. He's designed and coded several web-sites including this one. He's used PHP and mySQL to create website tools like a URL shortener - check it out here. He's also written several Java desktop applications, and written technical articles about how to create them. One such article on the CodeCall forum, about creating an executable JAR file, has received nearly 41,000 views.

He's also written technical papers in Mathematics, and even submitted one to the Annals of Mathematics at Princeton University attempting to prove the existence of infinitely many twin primes. Shortly after, he noticed an error in his logic, but he continues to work on this 172 year old conjecture that was first submitted by French mathematician Alphonse de Polignac.

In The Works

Seven Times - This book speaks to the connection of the three great monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism & Islam), how they've played out in the past, present, and how they'll affect your future.
21,042 words, 40% - complete as of March 2018
At the age of 17, Masku discovered that his world was coming to an end--literally. His entire race would die if he could not find a way off the planet. Rabiki - A story of the collision of Earth and Theia, the formation of our moon, and the destruction of an ancient civilization.
4,000 words, 5% - complete as of March 2018