Understanding the Times, Judaism, Christianity, Islam
and God’s Ultimate Plan for the world.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all play a critical role in the world, and they will all play a role in the end times. While these three monotheistic religions share the same roots, they are irreconcilable. Please don’t misunderstand me. Those in Judaism can accept Jesus as their Messiah and be reconciled to God. Likewise, the Muslim can decide that Jesus is more than a prophet, that he is indeed God’s Son sent as payment for their sins. They too can be reconciled to God.

In this book I’ll take you through the entirety of Biblical history, speak to the future, and mix in the current events rocking the prophetic world today. The major players of this book are the Jew, Christian and Muslim and in each section I’ll try and tie all three faiths to the Biblical narrative. The first three sections focus on historical events, the fourth speaks to the present, the last three highlight the future. Sprinkled throughout each time period I’ll throw in an occasional fictional story that will bring the Biblical narrative to life.


Noah sat on the old wooden stool next to his father’s bed, his elbows resting on his knees. He picked at the loose threads in his robe as he just stared at the old man. He didn’t look well, but Lamech had lived a good many years. Seven hundred and seventy seven was nothing to complain about, a perfect number in many ways, but men had lived longer. His grandfather Methuselah who stood near the window across the room was nearly two hundred years older, so why was his father passing now? This was the way of things, he knew, but it still hurt. Another tear hit the back of his hand and dropped to the floor.

The unpleasant sounds of the city below pushed their way up the mountain and poured into the room where the sons of God waited. The city of Enoch was a wicked place. Unimaginable sexual acts were demonstrated in the streets. Things that used to be whispered in the dark were now displayed openly. There were no honest dealings. Selfishness, pleasure, and power was the heart of the city. Noah couldn’t remember the last time he saw an act of kindness. Murder and robbery were commonplace. Beheadings were held in the public square. Rape was so commonplace that the cries were often ignored. Evil was everywhere and it happened all the time.

The three men made the trip to the city week after week, but none would listen. They were mocked, yelled at, attacked and at times narrowly escaped with their lives. People just laughed at the big boat. The preaching didn’t help, but they had to try. The Creator’s judgement was coming. Surely there was some reason left in the world. If they would only repent. Maybe some would listen?

“Cry not for me my son,” Lamech’s squeaky voice was barely audible. “Weep for this world. For surely it will perish, but I go to walk with The Creator—just as our father’s Adam and Enoch now walk with Him.”

“I know, father,” was all Noah could speak.

The minutes slipped past and Lamech breathed his last. Methuselah placed a comforting hand on Noah’s shoulder as he offered up a prayer for their father, son and friend.

There are moments where time stops, where heartbeats are minutes and breaths are hours. This was a moment of pain, but also of peace. A moment that marked the last of the righteous. Only Methuselah and Noah remained. One was a promise of destruction and the other a promise of God’s redemption.


Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue Made of Four Metals

The Babylonian kingdom is the head, and each successive kingdom expands Babylon's reach with the final kingdom being Mystery Babylon

Timeline of Everything

I've spent several years researching dates and times to create a comprehensive timeline of Biblical events. The purpose is not an exact dating of when things happened, but to establish an accurate chronology. Check out the full timeline here.